The Plantrician Project Luminary Award


In recognition of your unwavering dedication, exemplary patient care, sage wisdom, and humble leadership in the advancement of whole food, plant-based nutrition as the foundation of disease prevention, suspension, and reversal.

In 2017, Michael Klaper was awarded the The Plantrician Project Luminary Award. Each year the Plantrician Project recognizes a Luminary who has worked to advance whole food, plant-based nutrition as the foundation of disease prevention, suspension and reversal.

Other recipients of the Luminary Award include Hans Diehl, Dean Ornish, Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.  and T. Colin Campbell.

Klaper - Plantrician Project Luminary Award
Klaper Conscious award
Klaper Conscious award 2

Courage of Conscience Award

Philosopher, humanitarian, and environmentalist for the clarity and passion of his witness as a vegan physician and surgeon.

Michael Klaper, M.D. was awarded the prestigious Courage of Conscience Award by The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA. 

Throughout history, peace awards have served to bring attention to humanitarian causes and great works that otherwise go unnoticed. The increased visibility that awards provide translates into increased public attention and awareness. And from “awareness” springs movements — the civil rights movement, the peace movement, the animal rights movement, and the movement to save the planet. Awards are many things to many people, but at heart they constitute a testimony to the hopes, the dreams, and the actions that lie at the center of an individual’s commitment to a shared vision.

Other recipients of the Courage of Conscience Award include Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Ram Dass, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, John Lennon, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pete Seeger, Sting, Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou, Benjamin Spock, and Patch Adams.