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As part of the Moving Medicine Forward Initiative, the Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition is a twice-monthly educational program that places the healing power of plant-based nutrition into the hands of every physician, medical student, and health professional who wants to help their patients heal on the deepest levels.

Through bi-weekly webinars — led by clinician Michael Klaper, M.D. who brings almost 40 years of plant-based experience healing to his entertaining, slide-illustrated lectures — the principles of how to use the patient’s diet to transform their body’s chemistry and physiology to arrest and reverse degenerative disease are revealed.

From clogged arteries, obesity and diabetes, to colitis, arthritis and osteoporosis, the science behind why the foods of the Standard American Diet can foster such diseases is presented and, more importantly, practical strategies on how to use a whole-food, plant-based diet to restore vital function are shared.

Before each Master Class, clinical cases will be shared with enrollees along with thought-provoking questions that invite the participants to analyze and understand nutrition’s role in fostering both health and disease.

If you want to acquire this valuable skill set — and the clinical confidence that comes with it — click here to enroll in the Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Klaper Announces New Online Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition

Registration Information 


The Moving Medicine Forward Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition offers the invaluable nutritional keys sought by healers throughout history. The cost to register for the MMF Master Class is $200; medical students and health professionals receive a 10% discount. 

Registration for the MMF Master Class is currently open. Follow the link below to be taken to the course platform to register. Note that the Class does not require your live participation, and that the Schedule is subject to change.  

Once registered, enrollees have access to all of the MMF Master Class materials, including links to access the live webinars, recordings of the lectures and Q&A, slides, case studies, and more, via the course platform until March 31, 2021. For those who have not enrolled (or for enrollees to give as a gift), sessions along with supporting materials may be purchased after the live sessions of the MMF Master Class conclude in December.

Questions? Check out the FAQ page for answers or send an email to MovingMedicineForward@plantpurecommunities.org.


Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition Schedule 
(All classes held from 7-9pm Eastern Time)

Class 1

Fundamentals First: How and Why Plant-based Clinical Nutrition Works 
July 12, 2020

Class 2

Healing Hearts and Arteries with Plant-based Nutrition 

July 26, 2020

Class 3

Overcoming Obesity and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

August 9, 2020

Class 4

How to Vanquish Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and Other GI Disorders with Plant-based Foods
August 23, 2020

Class 5

Treating the Causes of Autoimmune Disease 
September 6, 2020

Class 6

Strategies for Strong Bones and Healthy Joints: Inflammatory Arthritis and Osteoporosis Prevention and Reversal 
September 20, 2020

Class 7

How to Fuel a Plant-based Athlete 
October 11, 2020

Class 8

Extremes of Life: Plant-based Programs for Healthy Pregnancies, Growing Kids, and High-functioning Seniors 
October 25, 2020

Class 9

Cancer: Can Water Fasting and Plant-based Nutrition Help? 
November 8, 2020

Class 10

Optimizing Vital Organ Function - Plant-based Nutrition for Healthy Skin, Nerves, Kidneys and Liver
November 22, 2020

Class 11

Eating Healthy in The Real World — Recipes, Resources and Motivational Counseling 
December 6, 2020

Class 12

Meeting the Challenges Ahead: Nutrition in the Time of COVID-19; Ecological Aspects of Animal vs Plant-based Diets; Course Summary
December 20, 2020


What I Wished I Learned About Nutrition In Medical School


As the focus of our "Moving Medicine Forward" Initiative, I’ve been traveling to medical schools across North America, Europe and Australia giving the students the presentation I wish someone had given me fifty years ago, about how the patient’s diet is key to reversing many of the most feared degenerative diseases known to medicine. Here is the lecture I’ve been giving to the students - complete with slides for you to copy.


Feel free to share this with your doctor or any student of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic, nursing, naturopathy or any other of the other health sciences. It’s time for a nutritional awakening across the healing professions!