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Use the form below to contact Dr. Michael Klaper about speaking engagements (in person or via Skype), interview requests, or the Moving Medicine Forward Initiative. 

Clinical Advice
Dr Klaper is now focusing all his efforts on the Moving Medicine Forward Initiative. He is passionate about training the physicians of the future to be able to prevent & reverse disease through nutrition. Since this effort demands his full attention, Dr Klaper will no longer be seeing patients.


If you want to find a clinician in your area who subscribes to a plant-based philosophy, please reference the following resources.

Find a Doctor in your town: 





Note, that all requests for medical advice will go unanswered.

Speaking Engagements & Interview Request

If you wish to have Dr. Klaper speak to your organization on “What I Wish I Had Learned in Medical School About Nutrition,” to be interviewed for a podcast or article, or to participate in any other educational function, please fill in the fields below:

Note that Dr. Klaper wants to focus on speaking engagements where he can create awareness & discussion around curriculum reform in medical schools. He will be accepting speaking engagements and panel appearances on other topics (specific pathologies, environment, etc.) on a more selective basis going forward.

Request Form

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