You are an excellent example of a true physician. You not only have the medical knowledge, skill and experience, but you are dedicated to truly helping your patients attain good health.


Although doctors sincerely want to help their patients, many are unaware of the role that good nutrition plays in health. Few doctors have the conviction and courage to break from traditional western medicine – you are one of the best and we thank you very, very much.

Donna and Lou D.

I had postpartum cardiomyopathy. Rare and almost unheard of in U.S., my ejection fracture was at 25. Thought I might die or need to be on a donor list. I was put on a low salt diet. I came across your YouTube video and let’s just say I switched from diesel to gasoline. Within 6 weeks, I was off all heart meds and my e.f. [ejection fracture] went to 70. I just wanted to say thanks which seems rather insignificant since your teachings saved my life. It changed my life and my family. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Keri C.

I just had a chance to listen to your interview with John Robbins. You were brilliant! As always. On a personal level, I was very moved by the way you described your story and the connection between our diet and our spiritual development, which for me has been a true awakening. Your beautiful words resonated very strongly with me and I wanted to thank you for the gift of your wisdom.


I just wanted you to know that after watching your numerous videos via YouTube, especially the Food That Kills documentary, I’ve recently changed my major in college to Food and Nutrition and I’m hoping to get into the coordinated dietetics program with my university. I came across your documentaries after searching for information on a vegetarian lifestyle and they were the main reason that helped me decide that Nutrition and Diet are truly what I am interested in, especially from a biological standpoint.

Evan Hudson

I did a 21-day water fast at True North & I can promise you that Dr. Klaper is the kindest, most genuine and caring doctor I have met in my entire life. He is completely devoted to his patients and wants nothing but the very best for them. I am a 30+ female who had both serious physical and severe emotional issues when I arrived at True North. This man is a diamond. He loves what he does, he loves his patients. He is a brilliant, brilliant doctor


I have watched your video, “A Diet for all Reasons” over and over. This is absolutely the very best video I have seen on why we should not be eating animal products. Many people are seeing the light because of wonderful doctors like you. Thank You, Dr. Klaper!

My wife and I have became vegans after watching your video and learning from all of the other wonderful plant based doctors like you! My father-in-law who turned 75 this year, and who has always ate the Standard American Diet [SAD], watched your video with us one night. Right after the video ended, he looked at us and said, and I quote, “I feel better just thinking about not eating meat!”


And, he immediately started his path to being a vegan the very same day! That is how good this video is – someone, even at his age, can change just like that!

Monty Mansfield

I, too was fortunate to have Dr. Klaper supervise my fast at TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa with great results. My ulcerative colitis finally is in remission after 10+ years of misery and I’m feeling really well. Dr. Klaper is as good a teacher as he is a physician. All of Dr. Klaper’s lectures are worth watching! Check out his DVD “Digestion Made Easy: A Journey Through Your Digestive System.”


I am very grateful for everything you taught me over the years about healthy ways to treat illness – with and without medicine. I learned so much and have passed this information on to more people than I can count! Your advice has been life-changing and I just want to say THANKS!

Melissa Bynum Steed

Thank you, thank you, thank you! After a myriad of doctors and diagnoses, you were finally able to diagnose and prescribe the right medicines for me. It was a long and difficult process, but you were able to heal me – and for that I’ll be forever grateful. More importantly, I appreciate your care and compassion. You are truly the most compassionate physician I’ve ever met.

Laura H.

I want to thank you so very much for your broadcast on the Food Revolution Summit. My fiancé and I woke up, looked at each other this morning, and said no more meat… We are both pretty spiritual and you said something in your talk that deeply effected both of us. We heard you! Thank God! So we start our journey!


About 2 months ago, I came across a video on YouTube entitled, “Food That Kills.” After watching the video, I decided to try put your advice to the test for four weeks. I stopped eating all meats and fish, eggs, and dairy products. Four weeks went by in a flash. Going back to eating the way I used to wasn’t even a thought. I’m losing weight with ease. I feel lighter and I don’t get food cravings anymore. I’ve woken up, Dr. Klaper. Your message continues to impact people and change their lives. Those changes then ripple to impact the world for the better. Thank you for helping me learn that there’s a better way. Thank you for giving me a chance to avoid diagnosis of a chronic disease. Thank you for helping me enjoy delicious, guilt free food.

Matthew Terenzi

The course of my life has been altered because of Dr. Klaper’s work. I am an ‘average’ male, 37 years old, with no major medical issues. Until 6 months ago, my diet mainly consisted of chicken, beef or fish, or the dreaded double pepperoni pizza. A friend forwarded me a YouTube link of the Foods That Kill presentation. I distinctly remember watching the video at 11:00am. The video is an hour long, and during it I was recalling all the members of my family that had died from prostate cancer, heart failure, breast cancer, etc. Almost all of the men in my family above 55 have had either a heart attack, heart surgery, or some form of cancer and most have diabetes. Until I saw this video, I firmly believed I was doomed to fall into the same category, and that there was nothing I could do about it. Due to my muscle building workouts, I was led to believe I should eat lots of lean chicken to get in shape. I was eating an entire roasted chicken per day for dinner, plus deli meat and cheese sandwiches for lunch. I was misinformed, to say the least. I finished watching the video, threw my lunch in the garbage, and went grocery shopping. Since that day, that very minute, I have not had meat, dairy or eggs. I feel fantastic and can’t be thankful enough. My friends tease me daily about my diet, especially when I order at a restaurant, but all I do is smile.

Brad Kettyle

I was a vegetarian with allergies and a lot of eczema before I discovered your elimination diet. It changed my life. After 7 days of the diet, my eczema was going away and, when I reintroduced foods, one at a time, I discovered than gluten was the reason for my eczema. I have been living gluten-free and eczema-free for 7 years now and I wanted to thank you.

Christine Fournier

I have loved watching your videos. They have made me understand what food does. I have enrolled in a degree course in food science to get qualified in the UK, [inspired] purely by you and Dr. John McDougall. Thank you for changing my life and my diet and for giving me a thirst for knowledge.

David Robertson