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Reading the Lesson


Dr Klaper you have so much going on. You've been doing this for so many years and you have so many projects right now, right. Working with the medical students and changing the future of medicine and you have these big things you're doing, so many things, but you choose to still see patients one on one and working with people and that's what we think is so admirable and so amazing, and why so many people are loving you and wanting to join and work with you.

Dr Chris Miller - Plant Based Telehealth

I decided to be plant-based/vegan, in diet and lifestyle 17 years ago.
I did this in Calgary, Canada . . . cattle country!

Because I decided for ethical reasons, I had no idea about nutrition, having been brought up on a very standard diet of meat and potatoes, day in and day out.
But, because I knew I had to be plant-based, for my own peace and happiness, I needed to learn and do admit that I was scared of the unknown.

I came across Dr. Klaper's book soon after, and it was the first and best resource that I could have ever found, and the same is true today.
Delivered in a very matter-of-fact manner and full of simple and tested information, this small book covers the fundamentals of human health and will give you all you need to know to be a healthy vegan.

Steven Allat - Goodreads

Dr. Klaper's lectures are a post graduate education unto themselves. He is one of the masters of modern nutritional science as well as a delightful interesting lecturer. His lectures should be required listening/reading for every direct patient caremedical professional.

Joh Drew - Facebook

Dr. Klaper is one of the most respectable and prominent physicians of all time! I enjoyed interacting with him during my time at True North Health Center. His lectures were informative and supported with scientific evidence.


His explanation of the human body is so fascinating that any one without a medical background can understand.


His easy and simple approach to his lecture is definitely worth your time if you are interested in human nutrition and how to lead a healthful living lifestyle!

Sarah Membrey - Facebook

I started your Arthritis elimination diet this morning and while 12 hours is certainly not enough time to have any effect on my poor knees, it has dramatically affected my blood glucose.


This morning's fasting was 287 (no meds). Twelve hours later after just 2 quarts of celery/cucumber juice it's 180. 100 POINTS! That's more than enough motivation to get me through the hunger and headache. Thank you.

Rindy Baker - Google 

I’m so very grateful to have spent an hour with this amazing gent and excited to share with you, how to stay healthy and lead with compassion through the Coronavirus crisis and of course well beyond into a world where we no longer enslave and eat animals. The happy, healthy, compassionate vegan world that I trust.


Excellent speeches given by him on youtube! I particularly like the one on how carnitine makes non-vegans who want to be vegans fail so many times. That offered me the bridge I needed to cross to join the vegans of the world!


Do I ache, do I feel tired? Yes! But now I know my body is just shifting gears and that it will pass. I also shifted to a much tastier salad dressing, because avoiding olive oil, which is actually harmful, I had to get creative.

Cythia Smith - Youtube

I first met Dr Klaper at True North some years ago. I have had lupus for 20+ years and Dr Klaper was the first and only person to ever explain to me how lupus comes about and how to rid myself of it. He is amazing! I’ve been spreading his message since.

Hilary Ehlers - Facebook

Dr Klaper was instrumental in the change of eating lifestyle that I follow today (Mainly PBWF). This change resulted in remarkable health benefits, significant weight loss occurred and as well I went from being a sedentary person, watching as life passed me by to a physically active person now enjoying a much fuller life. This journey began when I was in my 59th year of age. Words can not describe the gratitude that I have for Dr Klaper.

Jimmy Wells - Google

I learned to hate all doctors with a true passion since I was 16 & learned about horrific vivisection on dogs without anesthesia in Medical Schools in Italy something that still continues I believe--they cut their vocal cords. However, I love this one doctor (among 3 now I am making terrific progress!) for having the courage to pioneer both ethical & healthy eating from birth. I have a community page & often share his links & quotes. I have to admit his hilarious video on olive oil scared the bejeebers out of me so I no longer worship my extra virgin olive oil as I did before. Dr Klaper ranks tops for me in the pioneering education how veganism can indeed be optimal nutrition and he is a tremendous source of education to confront the endless fear antagonism of those who want to promote exploitation. I have a wall pic totally dedicated to Dr Klaper with his picture & quotes & links.

Nadia Repich - Google

I have been a dedicated vegan since 1994 and own a copy of Dr Klaper's other book: Pregnancy, Children & The Vegan Diet, which is an incredible book. I wasn't sure if I needed any more vegan books but as a clean eating vegan, and a strong admirer of Dr Klaper's work, I knew I would need this book at some stage and it reminds me of my early days as a vegan before all the processed vegan foods hit the market (which I don't consume). This book is a true masterpiece!

JMR - Amazon

Dr Michael Klaper's book "Vegan Nutritrion: Pure and Simple" changed my meat-eating-meat-loving life, pure and simple. I've been an omnivore all my life (still am) and love the taste of meat. I do have qualms about the moral issues of meat-eating, but never cared enough to limit the sweet pleasure of a great steak, fish, shellfish, lamb, chicken, or dairy product. I now eat these delicacies only in small quantities due to the influence of Dr Michael Klaper.

Dr Klaper's "Vegan Nutritrion: Pure and Simple" approaches vegan nutrition as just that - nutrition. It's the only book that has influenced me, and only because of its nutritional approach. Dr Klaper says the human body has no nutritional requirement for animal products, and makes a fact-based, well-researched case supporting his claim. He outlines how the human body is not built to process animal products, and why the natural building blocks of animal products are harmful to the human body.

Due to Dr Klaper, I lost my taste for all that delicious meat, shellfish, and dairy. I still eat it once in a while, but I consider it a treat vs. every-day basic. As a result, my body is lighter, I have more energy, my mind is clearer, and my life expectancy is longer. Thank you Dr Klaper! I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about human nutrition!

Chris E - Amazon

Dr. Klaper has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to treating diseases using lifestyle medicine. His knowledge of plant-based nutrition is top notch. He is indeed a thought leader in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Brian Fulton - Facebook

I had the pleasure of having a private consult with dr Klaper today, and I was blown away by his knowledge, professionalism and genuine care for his patients. If you've ever thought about having a consult with Dr Klaper and you're sitting on the fence about it - I'd highly recommend you do it. If my experience is anything to go by, you'll be really glad you did.

Sajiv Gurram - Google

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