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Join me in awakening tomorrow’s young physicians to the power of plant-based healing.  

All who seek to heal — patients and practitioners alike — must start with the reality that our daily food choices can either foster good health or spawn dangerous diseases. Yet, most Western-trained physicians practice medicine as if what our patients are eating has no effect upon the diseases they seek to cure. Why is the power of applied nutrition not being taught in medical schools to our young physicians?


You can help me remedy this archaic omission in medical education. After a lengthy career in clinical medicine, I am excited to announce that the Moving Medicine Forward initiative is bringing revolutionary ideas of disease reversal through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine to medical schools across the country!

Moving Medicine Forward, a Dr Klaper  Medical School Nutrition Education Initiative, will change the way future doctors treat their patients, which will improve the health of future generations  & you can help!


Your tax-deductible financial support will power four aspects of the Initiative aimed to foster the nutritional awakening of Western medicine, including:

  • Research — to clarify the current and planned programs across the country, learning what’s working and what’s needed to make applied nutrition part of every medical school curriculum.

  • Creation of Medical School Nutrition Courses — to establish a core curriculum to teach medical students about the power of nutrition to prevent and reverse disease.

  • Creation of Toolkits for Student Leaders — a collection of online resources, insights and strategies to empower nutritionally-aware students and encourage networking with like-minded professionals in their community and worldwide.

  • Dr. Klaper’s live presentations at medical schools throughout North America on the power of the patient’s diet to either cause or reverse diseases  and the promotion of Nutrition Interest Groups at each school, where the practical uses of applied nutrition are explored weekly through clinical rounds, Skype presentations, journal clubs, etc.

  • … and, surely, much more, as bright energetic medical students become involved and contribute their own experiences and ideas!


Together — and with your help — we can change the way our medical system treats patients, transforming it from a system of disease care to one of true health care. Stay up to date with this Initiative by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and click here to make a tax-deductible donation to help me awaken Western medicine to the importance of nutrition.


Help Me Move Medicine Forward!

Do you know a medical student or a faculty member at a medical school who would like to have Dr. Klaper come and speak and/or start a Nutrition Interest Group at their school? If so, click HERE.


What I Wished I Learned About Nutrition In Medical School


As the focus of our "Moving Medicine Forward" Initiative, I’ve been traveling to medical schools across North America, Europe and Australia giving the students the presentation I wish someone had given me fifty years ago, about how the patient’s diet is key to reversing many of the most feared degenerative diseases known to medicine. Here is the lecture I’ve been giving to the students - complete with slides for you to copy.


Feel free to share this with your doctor or any student of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic, nursing, naturopathy or any other of the other health sciences. It’s time for a nutritional awakening across the healing professions!