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🌿For any speaking appearances or interview requests please fill out the contact form below & we'll get back to you with any availability. 

Dr Michael Klaper is a passionate & devoted educator of physicians & other healthcare professionals, specifically about the importance of nutrition in clinical practice & integrative medicine.

🌿 If you wish to schedule a medical or dietary consultation with Dr Klaper, please arrange an appointment through Plant-Based Telehealth.

Contacting Dr Klaper should not be a substitute for seeking medical care in an emergency situation. Situations requiring immediate medical attention should be directed to 911. If you have a non-emergency that requires attention, please call your physician or go to your local hospital.

🌿 If you wish to find a professional in your area for medical or dietary consultations, please arrange an appointment through Plant-Based Telehealth.

Any other questions should be directed to Dr Klaper's social media where one of the team may be able to help you.

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