Appearances & Events

Dr. Michael Klaper makes appearances – both in-person and via Skype – as a featured speaker at events around the world. This page is updated as new speaking engagements are added to his schedule. Please join Dr. Klaper’s mailing list to be informed of events, including those you can watch online. Contact Dr. Klaper if you would like him to speak at your event.

Sedona, AZ

October 1–5, 2019

Engine 2 Immersion

London, England

October 12, 2019

VegMed / International conference for health professionals

Deerfield Beach, FL

October 20–24, 2019

Eat Well Stay Well 5-Day, 4-Night Wellness Retreat

Tel Aviv, Israel

November 7–9, 2019

Israel’s 3rd Vegan Health Conference

Buena Park, CA

November 17, 2019

Using Your Food to Heal

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

November 22, 2019

What I Wish Med School Taught about Nutrition

Unity of Portland, OR

November 23, 2019

Using Your Food to Heal

Deerfield Beach, FL

January 12–16, 2020

Balance for Life Health Retreat

Bonita Springs, FL

February 16, 2020

SWFL Veg Fest 2020

Miami, FL

February 22, 2020

Miami Veg Fest 2020

Sedona, AZ

March 2–7, 2020

Plant-Strong Sedona Retreat

Ocala, FL

March 8, 2020

Ocala Veg Fest 2020

Black Mountain, NC

August 14–16, 2020

Camp Plant-Stock

Lake Tahoe Community College, CA

August 28–30, 2020

Plant Based Tahoe Institute

Sedona, AZ

October 12–17, 2020

Plant-Strong Sedona Retreat