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Moving Medicine Forward: Year End Letter to Our Supporters

What a remarkable year this has been! Clearly, we are at a tipping point as Western medicine steadily evolves to include plant-based nutrition as a primary means of treating and reversing chronic disease. Moving Medicine Forward’s mission is to open the minds of the next generation of doctors to this incredibly powerful tool to heal their patients. I am excited and inspired to be a part of this long overdue “awakening” happening in medicine! Through my in-person appearances and electronic webinars we have reached well over 1,000 medical students across North America and in Europe. The positive response we have had from medical students, clinical faculty and the public affirms we must continue our efforts to keep that momentum going!  


Moving Medicine Forward: An Update on our Work and Progress.

Earlier this year, with your support, I visited 10 medical schools across North America and shared my presentation, What I Wish I Had Learned in Medical School About Nutrition. At each school, the talk on practical, plant-based nutrition was greeted by students commenting that it “far exceeded what our medical school curriculum offers in that field.”

Building upon our earlier successful speaking tour in the spring of this year, we are about to launch our next series of engagements, which will take me to medical schools across Oregon and California and will also include some public talks, as well. 


Moving Medicine Forward: An Update on our Work and Progress

Earlier this year, I was able to give my presentation, What I Wish I Had Learned in Medical School About Nutrition, at 10 medical schools and hospitals in North America. 

The presentations were very well received and seem to have the hoped-for effects. Two students who attended my lectures, one in Florida, one in Canada, shared their thoughts via video testimonial.


Progress! Moving Medicine Forward is doing just what its name says!

In February and March, I have made presentations to the medical schools and faculty at numerous universities.


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Do you know a medical student or a faculty member at a medical school who would like to have Dr. Klaper come and speak and/or start a Nutrition Interest Group at their school?


Dr. Klaper and PlantPure Communities Launch “Moving Medicine Forward” Initiative

Project aims to make Americans healthier by providing nutrition education in medical schools.


Join Dr. Michael Klaper and PlantPure Communities in awakening tomorrow’s young physicians to the power of plant-based healing. 

Learn more about this Initiative and how you can help Dr. Klaper awaken Western medicine to the importance of nutrition 


Help Me Move Medicine Forward!

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