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Could your favorite flavors be hurting you?


Would you (continue to) eat something if you knew it significantly raised your risk of developing tissue aging, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus), cataracts, blindness, kidney failure, stroke, arthritis and other degenerative diseases?

In this entertaining, fact-filled presentation, Dr. Michael Klaper draws upon four decades of nutrition-based medicine as he paints vivid pictures of what happens when excessive amounts of salt, sugar and oil are consumed on a daily basis. This humor-filled, illustrated lecture equips you with what you need to know before you take your next bite.


Run Time: DVD 73-minutes – On Demand Video 74-minutes


Purchase the DVD or rent or buy the video to see it online or download it.


    “Digestion Made Easy” (67-minutes) 00:00 : Introduction 02:10 : Start of Dr. Klaper’s Presentation 03:48 : Your mouth… 04:01 : The role teeth play in digestion 04:10 : Eating animal foods versus eating plant foods 06:42 : How we break down the cell walls of plants 09:11 : Dental hygiene and its importance 11:39 : Role of your salivary glands 14:19 : Lower part of your esophagus – NOT resistant to acid! 16:12 : GERD: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 17:01 : “Heartburn” 18:01 : What is a hiatal hernia? 19:00 : What to do if you have GERD 23:10 : Your stomach: where protein digestion begins 23:22 : Understanding what a protein is… 26:54 : Protein digestion in your stomach 27:52 : How your body neutralizes the HCL acid in your stomach 28:49 : Your pancreas and its function 30:14 : Pancreatic juice: a buffer for acid 31:12 : Importance of an alkaline environment for starch digestion 34:13 : Your liver and its role in fat breakdown 35:38 : Your liver produces a “detergent” – bile 36:24 : Your gall bladder and its function 38:51 : Recirculation of bile 39:46 : Your small intestine: “The Nutrient Absorber” 40:23 : The sites of nutrient absorption (intestinal villi) 41:12 : How nutrients are transported from small intestine to liver 43:00 : How alcohol consumption affects your liver 46:16 : How to take care of your liver 49:34 : Your large intestine: “The Water Absorber” 51:33 : Your appendix and its function 52:53 : The importance of fiber in your diet 53:08 : If you do not consume enough fiber… 58:28 : How to keep your colon healthy and your stools soft 61:08 : Is a plant-based diet making you… gassy? 63:11 : How to reduce intestinal gas 64:10 : Dr. Klaper’s Summary/Conclusion 67:25 : End Thanks to Maria Sterling for her Time Map of the Video On Demand version of this presentation.


“The DVD arrived very quickly and well packaged. Dr. Michael Klaper is one of my heroes. He was a keynote speaker on the 2014 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. A well respected physician who understands the connection between foods and illness, Dr. Klaper tells it like it is regarding the health dangers attributed to the Standard American Diet (SAD). The medical information shared in this DVD should be a must viewing for every American who believes that cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil is healthy. Dr. Klaper, along with other noted physicians who’ve done the research, agree that the oil companies are great at marketing misinformation. The public are like sheep being led to slaughter, totally oblivious. Just take a walk in any American mall. The obesity rate is on display in all its glory. We need to make changes in how we eat, not only for our individual health, but for the sustainability of our planet. I highly recommend Dr. Klaper’s DVD; it’s eye-opening, educational, and can make a difference in your life.”

Joanne Irwin

“Another great video from Dr Klaper. Dr Klaper is extremely knowledgeable and this DVD is both interesting and informative for the lay person. Highly recommended!”

Mary Cruickshank

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